The goal of any sustainable project is to minimize the impact on the natural environment. And Glumac’s MEP engineering experts find the natural environment is the most effective tool in achieving a sustainable building design, rather than a cutting edge mechanical system. Natural, fresh air is one of the simplest – yet most underutilized – measures for passively conditioning a space and can yield significant savings, particularly during mild temperature months. Investigating the opportunities for natural air ventilation in the early stages of a project is crucial, as determinations regarding practicality and concerns such as outdoor air quality, noise and security are necessary to developing the right system for each building. Glumac brings a hybrid approach to integrating natural air, designing passive air features that work in concert with an HVAC system proportionate to the needs of the building, and allowing the user to control when one system is used over another. Our initial designs are tested using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to help our engineers perfect the air flow and make each decision as precise as possible. | Download White PaperNatural Ventilation - Glumac MEP Engineering