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Healthy buildings support our physical, mental and social well-being and have a huge impact on our lives as we spend upwards of 90% of our time indoors. There are more than 100 studies backing the concept of healthy building design. Results from several office studies found employees are more satisfied, productive and report fewer sick days. In school studies, students have higher test scores. And, we have seen health-focused residential buildings lease up faster than their conventional neighbors.

Healthy buildings connect people with nature through effective daylight designs, outdoor views, and the incorporation of plants and animals into interior spaces. Supplemental electric lighting follows the color and intensity of natural daylight creating relaxing, inviting, and sensory-rich spaces
Biophilic design and the WELL Building Standard have captured this concept through a variety of strategies that create healthy spaces. Glumac is actively working on high-rise residential and office projects seeking WELL certification, including our own Shanghai office.

Glumac provides engineering design services, lighting design, and comfort modeling in support of our clients’ healthy building goals. We also are active speakers in the healthy building community and we strive to integrate the philosophy as a matter of best practice.

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