A mastery of established MEP engineering technologies and our understanding of how to and yield optimum results are hallmarks of Glumac’s approach. Displacement ventilation systems work particularly well in commercial and institutional settings, with a supply of cool air at the floor level that, as it warms, rises gently and provides conditioned air around the occupants. Our energy work on the Meier & Frank Depot Building in Portland for Vestas – that helped it achieve the first energy star 99/100 – is a terrific example of this sustainable building design approach. Glumac has also had great success with displacement ventilation in auditoriums, where overhead air systems have been the conventional solution. Instead of pumping large amounts of heavily chilled air through overhead vents and past hot lighting systems, a sensible solution is to introduce cool air at the floor level, closer to the occupant creates a much more comfortable and energy efficient environment. | Download White Paper

Vestas Displacement Ventilation