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Key People

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Joseph Fong


David Rushforth

Director of Digital Engineering | Office Leader - Las Vegas

Katherine Cunningham

Director of Engineering Services

Brian Berg

Mechanical Engineering Lead

Mario LaMorticella

Electrical Engineering Lead

Jon Robertson

Plumbing Engineering Lead

Christine Culver

Lighting Studio Lead

Louis Osuna

Technology Integration Lead

Chris Lowen

Building Sciences Director

Nicole Isle

Chief Sustainability Strategist

Brian Stern

Director of Energy

Travis Lynn

Director of Commissioning

Kameron Beeks

Director of Market Sectors

Angela Templin

Government Sector Lead

Nick Spath

Science & Tech Sector Lead

Max Wilson

Commercial Sector Lead | Office Leader - Seattle

Simon Ubhi

Education Sector Lead

Eddy Greenlee

Advanced Technology Sector Lead

Rosie Evans

Director of Finance & Administration

Roger Arnold

Director of Operations

Liz Esparza

Director of People & Development

Steve Straus

Tetra Tech High Performance Buildings Group

Jeffrey Klompus

Office Leader - San Francisco

Nicholas Gallucci

Strategic Pursuits & Innovation Director | Office Leader – Los Angeles

Joshua Checkis

Office Leader - Portland

Tom Gurrera

Office Leader - Irvine

Neil Steiner

Office Leader - Sacramento

Paul Tiña

Office Leader - Silicon Valley

Gaby Mier

Director of Business Development - Texas/National | Office Leader - Austin

Tyler Connel

Office Leader - San Diego

Phillip Cunningham

Office Leader - National Office

Ivi Gabales

Director of Business Development - Northern Region

Michele Moffatt

Director of Business Development - Central Region

Kelly Michajlenko

Director of Business Development - Southern Region

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