Impacts: Decarbonizing Higher Education Campuses

In 2018, Glumac began work on a strategic road map for the California State University system that supports decarbonization efforts across its 23 campuses. With the overall of providing a pathway to carbon neutrality, this design standard provides guidelines for the university and its staff to decarbonize the operation of all its facilities.

Since then, we’ve grown this portfolio of work across the US, including work with the University of Colorado, Boulder, and George Mason University.

We sat down with Reese Netro, a sustainability strategist with Glumac, to learn more about what exactly goes in to decarbonizing an entire university system.


Reese Netro | Glumac
As Sustainability Strategist at Glumac, Reese supports USGBC LEED, Living Building Challenge, WELL, and Fitwel green building certifications from initial to final stages. She also works to integrate sustainability strategies on projects in collaboration with interdepartmental staff.