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Glumac Joins AIA 2030 and CLF MEP 2040 Challenges

As of February 2022, Glumac is officially participating in the AIA 2030 and Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) MEP 2040 challenges. Over the next 18 years, our engineers will be committed to low carbon building design and operation.

Nicole Isle, Chief Sustainability Strategist for Glumac says our participation in these challenges is vital to slow global warming trends and reach climate mitigation goals.

“Given the longevity of buildings, all new buildings and major renovations should be designed to zero carbon today to transform enough building stock by 2030,” says Isle. “The climate science tells us that all buildings need to be zero carbon (embodied and operational carbon) by 2050 to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C. This requires a complete transformation of the energy sector to clean renewable power and a building stock that uses less than half of the energy it uses today. Heavy industry, aviation, agriculture will lag and may never be zero carbon, so that just means that we need to double down on the buildings we work on because these challenges are within reach.”

“The commitments are part of our internal carbon tracking goals and coincide with the launching of our own Carbon Tracking Program, in which we aim to measure historical data and drawdown the embodied and operational carbon of each project we work on,” said Dennis Berlien, Glumac President.

AIA 2030 Challenge is targeting zero carbon emissions for all new buildings, developments, and major renovations by 2030. This will require energy efficient buildings have use no on-site fossil fuels and are 100% powered by on-site or off-site renewable energy.

The CLF MEP 2040 Challenges shares the same goal as AIA 2030 for downstream operational emissions, but also looking closely to include upstream emissions from manufacturing of MEP systems and components and their refrigerant use, zeroing carbon impact by 2040.

“There is much more we can do, but we won’t make an impact unless we measure our progress,” said Isle.

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