Glumac Climate Commitment Action Plan

As the U.S. building stock continues to grow, so do the risks of climate impact.

As “Engineers for a Sustainable Future,” we understand that technological advancements are forging a clean and resilient future at a pace never seen. And we understand that we are exceptionally positioned to have a measurable impact on carbon reductions through our innovative engineering and consulting.

Now is the time to take a larger share of our projects beyond code and take a holistic look at carbon and human health for all. Codes are ramping up, governments are implementing new policy, and climate change continues to threaten our health and livelihood.

To stay ahead of the market change and adapt to new climate conditions, we need to make deep energy and carbon reductions a best practice on our projects. And we need to prove performance through transparent building reporting and measurable, improved progress.

This is why Glumac’s Executive Leadership, Engineering Services, and Building Sciences Groups came together to develop our Climate Commitment Action Plan. In it you’ll find concrete steps we’re taking for achieving our AIA 2030 and Carbon Leadership Forum MEP 2040 commitments, improving our design processes, and industry outreach and advocacy we undertake.