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Folsom High School Students Discover Engineering and New Career Possibilities

Folsom, California, Engineers Week
Glumac engineer Christine Culver speaks to Folsom High School students about engineering and careers

Glumac’s Christine Culver, EIT, LEED GA and LC, worked with Folsom High School’s Physics and Engineering classes to bring the engineering profession to life and talk about its career possibilities.  Culver’s visit was part of Glumac Sacramento’s local outreach to celebrate National Engineers Week (Feb. 22-28) and to inform and inspire kids with a passion and interest in the field.

Folsom, California, Engineers Week
Students work together to create bridge structures

“Many students don’t realize how important engineering is to the products and services we use every day,” Culver explains. “From our smartphones to the cars we use, or the buildings we live and work in, everything is designed. The industry always needs fresh ideas and there are exciting career opportunities out there.”

Folsom, California, Engineers Week
Successful bridges. Way to go!

Students learned about the engineering process (brainstorm, design, build, test, redesign), the assortment of engineering fields, including companies and colleges known for their focus on engineering, as well as what we do at Glumac.  Given her passion for lighting design, Culver also showed the students how different filtered lenses can bend and alter the same light source in different ways. They were then tasked to work in teams to build straw bridges that were practical, beautiful and functional.  The bridges’ functionality was tested by the load it could handle and the torque it could withstand.

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We’d love to visit your school too! It you’d like a Glumac engineer speak to students in your area, let us know by email.