Our Story

Our Story

We are Engineers for a Sustainable Future.

“I was taught as a young engineer that my obligation is to the people who are going to live in the buildings we design, that these buildings have to perform.”

– Dick Glumac, Founder

Dick Glumac, Founder
Dick Glumac, Founder


Glumac is a leader in sustainable design for the built environment. For more than 45 years, our unifying principle has been sustainability and creating systems that optimize energy efficiencies and minimize environmental impact. It’s an ideal that presents a responsibility not just to our clients and our designs, but to the people who occupy the spaces we help create, and the environment in which they reside.

“What we do really is transparent: you don’t see the ductwork or the VAV boxes or even the light fixtures, but you feel it – you know that a room is comfortable, that the light is beautiful.”

– Steven Straus, Past President

Steven Straus, President
Steven Straus, Past President

Steve Straus with Staff

Our mission is to engineer and commission “green buildings that work™.” To that end, we bring an approach that values simplicity and passive design. This means incorporating energy-efficient and sustainable building technologies into our projects, such as radiant heating and cooling, daylight and rainwater harvesting, and renewable energy systems.

“For 45 years our offices were situated in the very buildings we designed – no escaping it, anything
they felt, we felt too.”

– Dick Glumac, Founder

We live our designs. We have worked to achieve LEED Platinum certification in several of our offices, and are currently pursuing Living Building Challenge Net-Zero Energy for our Los Angeles  office. It’s an effort to show that not only are we wholly confident in the building technologies we utilize for our clients, but that sustainability is more than just a professional achievement for us. At Glumac, it’s a core value.


This philosophy is expressed in our offices across the West Coast and Texas with a staff of more than 100 LEED APs and 10 Living Building Ambassadors. Their expertise has led to the design of more than 250-LEED certified and five Living Building Challenge projects. Our services include mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) consulting engineering, building commissioning, CFD and 3D building modeling, lighting design, technology integration, building energy optimization, and sustainable design consultancy. We coordinate these services in-house to efficiently serve our clients and secure the best outcomes for their projects.

In 2017, Glumac greatly expanded its engineering and design resources by joining Tetra Tech, Inc., a nationwide alliance offering consulting, engineering, and technical services. With more than 16,000 associates in 400 offices around the globe, Tetra Tech supports commercial and government clients in engineering design, resource management and infrastructure, telecommunications support services, applied science, management consulting, and construction management.

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